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Los estudiantes adultos

Learn Spanish


It will be easy and fast.

You will be able to talk with friends and negotiate at work.


The methodology used allows you to learn the Spanish language easily, quickly and significantly.

New words and conversations in Spanish are brought together to your previous knowledge.

To communicate is to express ideas and emotions. You will learn to speak Spanish by speaking, doing and feeling in:

  • Everyday places: answering the mobile phone, texting a message, writing a food list, buying at the supermarket, traveling by bus, having lunch at a restaurant, etc.

 - work environment: request a job interview, negotiate with employers, support your ideas, write a note, etc.

- public spaces: sign up for courses, buy something, answer questionnaires, etc.

And in each case, you will be able to express your emotions: love, joy, anger and happiness. Apologize, thank, etc.  

You will speak the Spanish language practicing empathy and respect for your culture and that of others.



They will be specifically designed to fit your needs and goals. It is not the same for all students.



You have two options to choose from: 1. study freely without taking a formal exam 2 taking a formal exam recognized by the Spanish Language Academy



Online and / or face-to-face, with days and times to be agreed

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